Web Site
Questions and Answers

What's all this going to cost?

Effective sites don't have to be expensive. A well designed business site with the capacity for growth can cost as little as $500. Larger, and more complex interactive sites will cost significantly more. We will work with you to keep your needs and your budget in alignment. We also provide hosting services at competitive prices.

How long will this take?

Creating a web presence is a team effort. If your schedule is packed then you should wait to start a web project. The timeline of a web development project is dependent on your schedule, our schedule and the scope and nature of the project. A site, however, is never really "finished". A web presence is a living entity and should not be allowed to die. It is important to always update and renovate your site.

How do I get people to the site? Will you promote my site for me?

This is an important question to ask! Having a site isn't enough, you have to promote it, too. While AaltoNET recognizes this fact, we also recognize that we are not a marketing or promotions firm. We do have many suggestions, ideas and resources available to help you effectively market your site. Basic registration with many of the larger search engines is initiated by AaltoNET for free.

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