Web Site Design

Your Needs

We will assist you in determining what you need to achieve your aim. Your needs will be balanced with what is required now, what is required in the future, your budget, and what is possible within the capabilities your web site hosting location.

Essentially, you need to ask yourself, "if I was to describe the purpose of my web site in fifteen words or less, what would I say"? This will assist both of us in determining what your site should look like and be capable of.

Design Process

Based upon the above, AaltoNET Consulting will put together a draft design proposal. This can be an eye-opening and satisfying experience that can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Any design elements that you wish to incorporate into your site should be explained to the webmaster. The impact of any design element (i.e. how it affects the end user) will be explained and demonstrated to you in order to assist you in making an informed decision.

Depending upon your location, this process can take place at your location, in the AaltoNET offices, or "virtually" by telephone while simultaneously viewing draft web pages uploaded to the AaltoNET site.

What You Will Need to Provide

We will require copies of any images you want incorporated into your site; hard copy (for scanning) or already in electronic form. Any 'hard copy' photos or graphics will be returned to you after we've scanned them.

If you already have your own "web space", we may ask for the authority to upload directly to your web space provider. This process may be different depending upon the provider, but we will advise you what is required. If your authority is granted to us, your password and account information will be protected and its confidentiality maintained and guaranteed by us. If you do not want to grant AaltoNET the authority to upload to your web space, you will need to know how to do it yourself.

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